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Personal data protection policy

Dear Customer,

The document that you are reading is our privacy policy,in accordance with applicable privacy laws EU Regulations n. 679, 2016 (also known as GDPR) and national implementing provisions. This law was generated to harmonize and improve the right to privacy and the protection of personal data, and it represents our guideline in our daily commitment, in an ethical and transparent manner, only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that safeguards your privacy and your rights, that with your agreement we acquired in order to provide our services.

1. Who are the recipients of processing of personal data?

Art From Italy snc having its office in Vigliano Biellese, Via delle Industrie 40, VAT 01496790021, has Ownership of Personal Data Handling (from here on out Owner), who can take decisions, give instructions and carry out the control functions in respect of the purpose of the processing itself.

The Owner avails himself also of Data controller (from here on out Controller), who are natural or legal persons or public administration and any other institution, association or entity responsible from the Owner to achieve the purpose of the processing.

With this document you allow to processing and protecting your personal data for certain purposes; you will become the Data subject with new and specific rights.

2. Which are the data collected and how and the way we used them (purpose)

To manage the trade relations and for future Holder’s communications, you are accepting that our company collects some common personal data (not specifics) with an indicative purpose and not exhaustive:

  • Information such as your business name, address, email address, telephone number, account login details, VAT, IBAN, and other information you provide in connection with the purposes outlined below.

Remember, if you are under 14 years old, you cannot provide any personal data, and regardless we are not assuming any responsibility for any declaration you provided.

Whenever we even knew that we have untruthful statements, we will proceed with the immediate deletion of personal data acquired.Moreover, if you indicate third party data, those of your family or friends, you may be sure that they have been adequately informed and have agreed this processing of personal data.

It is important to remember that is mandatory the conferral of these data for the purposes A and B, every refusal makes it impossible to keep a business relation.

Concerning point C, every refusal to giving consent will not have negative consequences on our business relations but may be restricted (for example, you cannot receive freely our Christmas, Easter, Spring and Autumns catalogues); so we invite you to evaluate your own decisions.

# Purpose of processing Retention period Legal basis
A Civil registration and managing requests for contract, in particular: The personal data processing of the person concerned, occurred to carry out the initial activities, made after the application for the registration, to the management of requests for information and sent of information material, as well as the fulfilment of any requirements resulting. Undefined for technical requirement, for proper management of possible remainders of the customers. Unless explicit revocation of consents. Fulfilment of services the about the relation built, the respect of the law obligations and the legitimate interest of the Owner.
B Management of the contractual relationship, in particular: processing of personal data of the User occurs to carry out the initial activities and consequent to the purchase of a product, the administration of the order, the provision of the service and or the production and shipment, the related invoice, the management of the payment, the processing about complaints about the assistance service, the fraud prevention and the fulfilment of the duties set out in the contract. 10 years, or more in case of legal disputes The fulfilment of the services about the relation established the respect of legal obligations and the legitimate interest of the Owner.
C Promotional and commercial activities about services and different products compared to those ordered, in particular: personal data of the User could be treated for commercial proposes, investigation, market research about services and products that the Owner offers: but only if the Uses gives his agreement. In the case of treatment carry out through a contact with phone operator, the user do not have to be entered to the register of the opposition (D.P.R. n° 178/2010). Undefined for technical requirement, for proper management of possible remainders of the customers. Unless explicit revocation of consents. The legitimate interest of the Owner.

These activities involve the processing of your personal data; it consists in collecting, registration, storage, amendment, communication and elimination; with manuals and automated instruments.

Your personal data will be protected by appropriate security and building measures, in particular provided for GDPR (art.32) for their treatment through computer, manual and automated facilities; will be retained for the time necessary to satisfy these purposes.

3. Web site

Our web site can collect users’ data:
  • Navigation data: it means user’s IP address, time of the request for accessing to the website, the method used to perform the request, the result, some data about the setting (operating system, browser, language, geographical area...)
  • Data submitted voluntarily by the user: the optional sending of data through email, form or other ways present on the web site means that the recipient will acquire all this data.
  • Particular data: the European regulation (Art. 9) on personal data protection, defines as particular data the ones that detects racial or ethnic origins, political opinion, religious or philosophical views, as well as process genetic data, data relating to health. Our system does not deal with this data. The user should not send them.

The purposes can be summarized in this way:
  • Execution of any pre-contractual, contractual and post contractual duties
  • Compliance with legal obligation
  • Management, administrative, accounting and fiscal duties
  • Development of statistics

These data will be treated with computer facilities; we use security measures not to lose them, for improper uses or not authorized accesses.

The mechanisms used to acquire the data are:
  • Form and other means of input of substance from user

    The purposes of these instruments makes the user able to contact the site operators, the conferral of the information is optional but if you refuse, you cannot benefit from some functionalities of the web site.

  • Cookie

    Cookies are small text files installed on the device, cookies collects information to facilitate using a web site, e.g. remembering the user’s visits at the website and actions performed by him. This page allow the user to refuse the use of cookies: this refusal could determine a different quality of the use of website. Continuing on navigation, you provide the agreement to the use of cooking.The Cookies in our site are:

    Technical cookies

    The technical cookies are the ones that are used to communicate on an electronic communication network; they are not used for further purposes and are normally installed from the website’s Owner. They could be divided into:

    • Navigation cookies, that ensure the normal navigation on the website ( for example making a purchase or authenticating for restricted areas)
    • Analytics cookies, this are technical cookies when are used directly from the Owner to collect information , about the number of users and how they visit our website
    • Cookies of functionality, that allow the user to navigate depending on some selected criteria (for example language, products selected for the purchases), in order to improve the service.

    Profiling cookies

    This kind of cookies are focused on create profiles addressed to the user, and they are used to send advertising messages; European and Italian regulation provide that the user should be informed about the use of these cookies and express their approval.

    Third-party cookies

    Some services provided from third party (Google, Zopim, holders of community services...) allow to third parties to install cookies on the terminal of the user. The purposes of this cookie can vary from ensure the access to improve the services. The data collected are all indicated as cookies utilized from the website.

    Technical cookies used:

    • Session cookies are stored temporarily and are delated when the user closes the browser. If the user registers on the web site, Art From Italy snc can utilize cookies that contain personal data to identify the user if he visits again the website.
    • Display cookies, banner about the cookies (ce-visited), helps the user when he is navigating, recognising him and preventing that the warning banner appears again, it becomes active surfing on the web site.

    Profiling cookies

    • This website do not utilize profiling cookies.

    Third-party cookies:

    The site uses third-parties services that can establish the installation of cookies in the user’s terminal. It is also possible that third-owner of this services choose to send to the user advertisement in line with the information collected through cookies. We kindly ask you to refer to privacy and cookie policy outlined below.

    Deactivation and elimination of the cookies

    In order to proceed with the deactivation of the cookies and/or choose block level, the user can use the functionality of his own browser, changing the settings.Outlined below the links that explain how to proceed:

    Please note that the user always can remove manually the cookies already installed on the mobile or fixed device through "emptying cache".Some more information could be find here:

    For mobile devices, please consult this web page to find the model of his own: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/mobile/index.html.

    For more information about cookies and to manage the preferences, please visit also these pages: www.youronlinechoices.com e www.aboutcookies.org.

4. Some other information to guarantee a transparent and fair service
  • At any moment you can ask and see your data, ask us to change or remove them (in accordance with retention period described in point 2), restrict the processing by revoking in whole or in part your agreement. You can waive you rights applying to the Owner, through this email: arte@artfromitaly.it,or alternatively with a letter addressed to our field office (Via Delle Industrie, 40 − 13856 Vigliano (BI) ), we will do everything to reply as soon as possible, in a plain and intelligible way.
  • You have also the right to make a complaint to the Italian Competition Authority for data protection.
  • This policy might vary. In particular, if Art from Italy would use your personal data for some different purposes, it will be our care let you know the changes about it. We will revise this document, making you subscribing it again.

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