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|Wholesale favors & packages|
Gift paper, gift bags and lace (82)
Filler accessories (17)
Little boxes (173)
Stickers, clips and little decorations (60)
Sachet tulle favors (165)
Artificial flower confetti holder (68)
Resin miniature and houseware (119)
Favors placeholder (22)
Favors ribbons (334)
Personalized ribbons (93)

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|Wholesale garden & veranda|
mixed decorations and colored pinwheel (27)
Garden led lights (24)
Wooden metal veranda table (36)
Artifical flower and pots (133)

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|Wholesale gift items|
Paper wraps gift boxes (165)
Gift ribbons (354)
Bring luck objects and items (82)
Stationery articles (34)
Fashion accessories shopping bags (77)
Key rings bag hooks mobile cases (33)
Magnets (31)
Stuffed animals, dolls children items (23)
Seaside furnishing and decorations (70)

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|Wholesale artificial flower and plant|
Artificial flowers bouquet and pot (50)
Giants artificial flowers (6)
Branch artificial flowers (27)
Flowers branches and tags (12)
Pots and florist accessory (150)

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|Wholesale shop windows decorations|
Inside classic led light (36)
Decorative animals (19)
Shopwindow accessories and ornaments (170)
Shopwindow flower (83)
Wooden metal furniture shopwindow (45)

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|Wholesale home fragrances|
Textile (24)
Candles candlesticks (160)
Interior lights (13)
Table potteries wine tea cofee items (261)
Boxes (70)
Small furnitures and furnishings items (107)
Photo frame, watch and alarm clock (79)
Essential oil (69)
Air freshener (29)
Soap and Bathroom items (47)

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|Wholesale decorations for Valentine|
Valentine's day sachets, handbag and gift items (33)
Valentine's day gift paper, bow and ribbon (17)
Valentine's day potteries and flower pots (36)
Sweethearts decorations (65)
Valentine's day shopwindow decorations (48)

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|Wholesale Easter|
Easter gift bags, paper and sachets (21)
Easter candles candle holders (25)
Easter potteries and eggs holder (40)
Easter shopwindow decorations (65)
Easter ribbons (33)
Easter sachets / egg and sweet holder (75)
Easter and eggs decorations (99)

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|Wholesale Xmas decorations|
Christmas tree decorations (118)
Christmas tree (18)
Christmas lights illuminations (51)
Christmas shop windows decorations (89)
Christmas candles candlesticks (87)
Gift bags, sacks, holiday baskets (163)
Wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas bows (59)
Mini decorative cloth pegs, small decorations (16)
Christmas ribbons (58)
Stationery Christmas magnets (24)
Christmas garlands artificial flowers (31)
Christmas home potteries (141)
Christmas resin pottery objects (70)
Nativities Christmas holy figures (12)

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|Wholesale Halloween items|
Halloween decorative items (20)
Shop windows Halloween decorations (10)
Halloween gift wraps ribbons bows (42)

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Wholesale favors & packages
Wholesale favors & packages
Wholesale garden & veranda
Wholesale garden & veranda
Wholesale gift items
Wholesale gift items
Wholesale artificial flower and plant
Wholesale artificial flower and plant
Wholesale shop windows decorations
Wholesale shop windows decorations
Wholesale home fragrances
Wholesale home fragrances
Wholesale decorations for Valentine
Wholesale decorations for Valentine
Wholesale Easter
Wholesale Easter
Wholesale Xmas decorations
Wholesale Xmas decorations
Wholesale Halloween items
Wholesale Halloween items
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Artificial flower
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Herbal teas and fragrances
Herbal teas and fragrances
Beauty accessories
Beauty accessories
Bee and honey decorations
Bee and honey decorations
Spring gardens
Spring gardens
Packages:decorations and accessories
Packages:decorations and accessories
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Special days and events
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Fashion trend accessories
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Create and decorate
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Welcome summer and wolesale decorations
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Articoli di San Valentino
Decori per la Festa della Donna

Wholesale gifts, favors and home decorations: Art From Italy Snc welcomes you!
We are an import-export company that has been operating on a national and international level since 1977 offering our customers our experience in the wholesale decorations, gifts, favors and items for home.
On our website you can find Valentine's Day gifts, Easter decorations, artificial flowers, wedding favors and decorations for shop windows and home with more than 3.500 articles, all carefully selected and controlled with particular attention to detail and best price-quality ratio.
We pride ourselves in applying two fundamental points in our endeavors:having an efficiently organized business organization as well as higly computerized work system in order to reach the satisfaction of our customers.
The continuous renewed proposing innovations has brought to the creation of a website entirely dedicated to customer needs: practical, simple and fast.Updated in real time on the website you can find browsable catalogs and all ours proposals with relative prices and discounts for wholesalers.
The experience, the development and dedication to our customers make Art From Italy one of leader gifts wholesalers with a a fast, safe and reliable service.

Wholesale favors & packages
Over 300 ribbons for wedding favors and gift packs, in different sizes and colors. More than 80 organza bags and countless holder tulle: here you just have to choose from and all at wholesale prices! Miniatures and objects to create amazing wedding favors for baptisms, confirmations and first communions. Classic and/or colored boxes to create candy cakes for weddings and birthdays. Surprise your customers by making extraordinary the best day of their lives!

Wholesale garden & veranda
Furnish the external environment is an art. Online you can find a great selection of garden ornaments, solar lights and power, cabinets in wood and iron for the veranda, vases and flowers that give you leads to your outdoor environment a unique and original style. Discover all garden decorations and wholesale florists to furnish and decorate with style.

Wholesale gift items
Are you looking for gift ideas? You are on the right site! Whether it's a birthday, anniversaries or corporate. Here you always find the perfects item for every occasion: a huge selection of gifts, gadgets and fashion accessories, key chains and plush at wholesale prices that will surprise your customers.

Wholesale artificial flower and plant

Wholesale shop windows decorations
On ArtFromItaly you can find many decorations to decorate the shopwindow of your shop with creativity. Cabinets in wood and iron, accessories and decorations of design will make your shop window fashion and stylish.

Wholesale home fragrances
Textile for decorate, interior lights, interior lights, candle and candlesticks for create a romantic atmosphere .And cabinets and furnishing accessories, incense that give you to your environment that style trendy that marks you.

Wholesale decorations for Valentine
Online on our website you can find a wide choice of items and decorations to celebrate Valentine's Day. Original and fashionable items to offer unique and amazing gift ideas, to sell and to make thousands of your store windows. Here wholesale gifts, themed decorations, vases and ceramics to set up a shop window full of hearts and love.

Wholesale Easter
On our site you can find a huge selection of Easter decorations and Easter items at wholesale prices. Carefully selected products to provide practical and stylish solutions to sell and to make thousands of your store windows. Here you will find candles, decorative eggs, Easter decorations and objects that will surprise your customers and make your single window.

Wholesale Xmas decorations
In our site on line lot of Xmas decorations with wholesale price. Selected items offer you practic solucions for your shop window. Lights, decorations, balls and many Xmas decorations for your customers and for a fashion shop window.

Wholesale Halloween items
In our site on line you can find many wholesale decorations and articles to celebrate the Halloween night. Articles selected for offer you practical soluctions for your shop window. Decorations, ceramic and gift paper for Halloween.

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