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|Wholesale Xmas decorations|
Christmas tree decorations (218)
Christmas tree (48)
Christmas lights illuminations (74)
Christmas shop windows decorations (131)
Christmas candles candlesticks (137)
Gift bags, sacks, holiday baskets (241)
Wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas bows (89)
Mini decorative cloth pegs, small decorations (35)
Christmas ribbons (79)
Stationery Christmas magnets (42)
Christmas garlands artificial flowers (95)
Christmas home potteries (225)
Christmas resin pottery objects (155)
Nativities Christmas holy figures (35)

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Halloween decorative items (28)
Shop windows Halloween decorations (13)
Halloween gift wraps ribbons bows (44)

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Inside classic led light (62)
Decorative animals (29)
Shopwindow accessories and ornaments (193)
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Wooden metal furniture shopwindow (64)

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Textile (26)
Candles candlesticks (171)
Interior lights (16)
Table potteries wine tea cofee items (254)
Boxes (90)
Small furnitures and furnishings items (169)
Photo frame, watch and alarm clock (43)
Essential oil (70)
Air freshener (29)
Soap and Bathroom items (31)

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Paper wraps gift boxes (145)
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118050 (43)
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Gift paper & lace (78)
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Sweethearts decorations (42)
Valentine's day shopwindow decorations (42)

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Tazza con fiorellini e rose: Bomboniere Fiesta
Tazza con fiorellini e rose: Bomboniere Fiesta
Wholesale Xmas decorations
Wholesale Xmas decorations
2016 Fall/ winter
2016 Fall/ winter
Infusion and scents
Infusion and scents
Vintage Christmas
Vintage Christmas
Ingrosso carta regalo, nastri e foglie artificiali
Ingrosso carta regalo, nastri e foglie artificiali
Cake tier
Cake tier

Barattolo Sel de Mer bomboniera con tulle

To make 1 Bonbonniere:
You'll use
1 Pc Sachet sugared almonds round
1 Pc Bombonniere flower gift tag
1 Pc Barattolo decorato vetro colorato

You'll advance
99 Pc Sachet sugared almonds round
143 Pc Bombonniere flower gift tag
3 Pc Barattolo decorato vetro colorato
Un barattolo in vetro dipinto Sel de Mer: l'articolo parla da sé ed è un'ottima soluzione per coloro che stanno cercando una bomboniera originale, ma sempre elegante. Ben si adatta a eventi come cresime, promesse di matrimonio, anniversari, lauree, nozze e compleanni, ma anche come segnaposto da esporre a casa tua. Basta aggiungere una rosellina in carta e un tulle portaconfetti, che ti proponiamo online all'ingrosso.. la tua bomboniera è pronta e tu farai un figurone!
(The assembly is not included)

Ordering Singles Components
Cod. 38.00.95
 Ø 23,5 cm
Cod. 56.13.08
 Ø fiore cm 1,8 x 10 H
Cod. 80.11.55
 Ø 8,7 cm x 16,5 H

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